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During your Stay

On arrival to Franklin Hospital

Please report to reception on level 1 to begin admission and confirm payment arrangements. You will then be escorted to the admission unit, where a nurse will review your admission paperwork and prepare you for your procedure. A member of your family can remain with you. You may discuss any questions, concerns and personal needs during this time. Please let the nurse know if you require any additional cultural, spiritual or emotional support. The team at the hospital, including your surgeon and anaesthetist will plan your care with you.

Your medical care while you are in the hospital is the responsibility of your surgeon, while your nursing care will be provided by our team of nurses. Franklin Hospital does have the service of a local doctor within the hospital, however we expect your surgeon to maintain contact with you during your stay. This may be via virtual or actual visits. Should the need arise, we also expect your surgeon to be available by telephone or to attend the hospital to provide further prompt specialist assessment or additional medical treatment. In the case of a medical emergency, we will call your surgeon and you may be transferred to an emergency, coronary or intensive care service.

Section 29 medication – These are medications that your surgical team may wish to prescribe for you that have not been submitted for Medsafe approval, but are used safely in other countries. We are required to provide Medsafe with both yours and the prescribers name.

Facilities for patients who stay overnight include an ensuite bathroom, WiFi, smart TV in an individual or shared room. Please note, our meals have been designed by a chef and reviewed by a dietician to ensure they are appetising, nourishing and meet your specified dietary requirements.

Safe care, privacy and your rights

During your stay at the hospital you will be asked your name and date of birth several times, this is to ensure your safety. This starts when you arrive at reception, with your admitting nurse, and continues when you are transferred to the procedure room or operating theatre. Your surgeon, anaesthetist and nurses will also take a short 'time-out' to complete a final check immediately before your procedure begins.

To ensure a physically safe environment for all patients and health practitioners, we have eliminated all possible manual lifting by using mechanical aids as well as safe positioning and holding methods.

The Patient Health Questionnaire includes questions relating to your physical status to help us plan your care.

Franklin Hospital is smoke-free in accordance with the Smoke-free Environments Act.

We at Franklin Hospital are committed to delivering your care in accordance with the Code of Health and Disability Services Consumers' Rights.

Privacy Statement

Any information and personal data gathered for the purpose of your visit to Franklin Hospital is to assist in your treatment, for quality assurance actvities, and to fulfill legislative requirements. Your rights provided in the Health Information Code and Privacy Act 1993 will be respected, including your right to access and correct any information held about you. If you have any concerns, please talk to staff at reception.


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