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Our Values

Kind – Manaakitanga – Looking after our community

  • We respect and support each other

  • Our kindness and customer-focused approach leads to the best outcomes for our patients

  • Give people the opportunity to express themselves

  • Treat people the way you would like to be treated

  • Give people a chance

Open – Pono – Being genuine

  • We listen, hear, and communicate openly, with our staff and patients

  • We treat them how they would like to be treated

  •  To listen, inform and involve patients in their care

Positive – Whai whakaaro – Best achievement

  • We are thoughtful, bring a positive attitude and are always looking to do things better

Community – Whanaungatanga – By way of family

  • We are genuine and will maintain relationships to encourage and build on all of the strengths in our community

  • To improve health in partnership with our community 

  • We acknowledge our vital and dynamic role in our communities

  • We will foster growth and development in a manner that understands and serves their needs

Team players – Kaitākaro Kapa – Teamwork

  • Recognises the contribution of all and foster an atmosphere of collegiality, collaboration and cooperation. 


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