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Patient & Visitor Information

We would like to welcome you to Franklin Hospital. We're here to look after you and your family/whānau. The information here provides you with everything you need to know prior to and during admission, preparing to go home and following your discharge.  

At Franklin Hospital your safety and wellbeing are our top priority. Strains of COVID-19 are constantly evolving, and in some months, surges of particular strains do occur. These surges are commonly referred to as “waves” and are unpredictable and the time duration for each of these waves can be a few weeks to a few months. At all times, our staff will adhere to strict hygiene and infection control according to Ministry of Health Covid-19 protocols.

The following criteria MUST be met prior to presenting for your surgery/procedure

If you have had a recent COVID-19 infection, and no longer have symptoms, it is usually safe to proceed with surgery two to three weeks post infection. If you have had moderate to severe COVID-19 illness, please contact the hospital prior to admission as a risk assessment may need to be undertaken by your Specialist before proceeding to your surgery/procedure.

You are well upon entering the hospital and you do not have any respiratory infection symptoms which include any of the following:

  • cough

  • sore throat

  • shortness of breath

  • head-cold symptoms (runny nose, sneezing)

  • loss of sense of smell

  • a fever

Process for being admitted

We currently use rapid antigen tests (RATs) for testing for Covid19. On your arrival to Franklin Hospital, nursing staff will administer a RAT as part of your admission process. You can bring your own RAT to the hospital for the test.

If you have been exposed to known COVID-19 cases (either through household or the wider community) within the past 10 days, please let the nursing staff know.

You are welcome to wear a disposable surgical mask on arrival and during the admission process and we welcome and support patients/whanau who choose to do so.


Our visitor policy is designed to keep our hospitals safe for everyone.

Visitors who are unwell or are displaying any COVID symptoms or have recently been exposed to a COVID-19 positive person will not be allowed into our hospital.

All visitors must practice good hand hygiene while in the hospital.

Further Information

The Government’s official COVID-19 advisory website offers a comprehensive and reliable information resource at To access information in other languages, please see here:


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